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At Tracey Hicks Training Centre, we provide Certificated Courses, to inform and develop Professional Practice, we deliver Time for You Sessions to help you grow your skills and knowledge. We are located in Dereham, Norfolk and our services are available UK-wide.
These course are for professionals who want to support adults and young people in their community. Our aim is to improve health and wellbeing to support people to be the best they can and live well.

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Supporting Parents, Young People and Families-Advanced Practitioner Course

At Tracey Hicks Training Centre, our 5-day course helps professionals working with parents, carers, children, young people to build resilience. This course offers a comprehensive exploration of resilience theory and practical applications to improve professional practice.

5 Day – Supporting Families & Young People – Advanced Practitioner Course.

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Face to Face dates: Summer 2024-dates coming soon!

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 1 Day Workshop-Professional Practice and Safe Practice in Recognising Trauma and Adapting our Professional Response-looking at the complexities of the modern world, the impact of trauma on health and wellbeing and skills practice-the art of communication- Invite us to your organisation to deliver this interactive workshop

1 Day – Safe Working Practice
How effective is your organisation in Safeguarding Communication? How confident are staff in recognising and raising a concern?

Safeguarding Children and Young People

Understanding and recognising child abuse and neglect.
·       Physical
·       Neglect
·       Emotional
·       Sexual
·       Human Trafficking-labouring/begging
·       On-line
·       Child pornography- sextortion-ask to send photos and videos of self and siblings/friends -threats to share images
·       Exposure to inappropriate content
·       Live streaming abuse
All children are at risk-children living in care are more vulnerable. Children are invited to parties and encouraged to bring their friends-for many children there is no-one noticing their expensive gifts, or sudden changes to their emotions, behaviour and friendship groups. Many young people believe they are in a relationship with their abusers.
Prevention-short game
–        Monitor child’s on-line activity
–        Set up safety controls/software
–        Set boundaries on phone /screen time
–        No phones/screens in bathrooms and bedrooms
–        Teach how to spot on line grooming-keep talking about strangers offering gifts
Prevention-long game
–        Develop and keep open lines of communication
–        Be trustworthy and non-judgemental
–        Encourage assertiveness for handling difficult situations-use role play
–        Advocate for stricter laws and restrictions
–        Create a climate that limits social media use for all family members
–        Create a safe word if a child needs help
–        Educate children-age appropriate-on issues, statistics
–        Create new social media norms-speak out about how you are protecting your child
–        Restrict phone use for under 13 year olds-maybe consider a phone that is less smart

To consider:

Knowledge – Law
Understanding – How? Why?
Confidence – Act

This workshop offers the opportunity to reflect and consider Safeguarding Practice in your organisation. Invite us to your organisation to deliver this interactive workshop

If you are an organisation wishing to commission us to deliver the course to multiple staff members at your place of work, we offer discounts for block bookings to find out more about any of these options or ask anything about the course please email and one of the team will call you back.

We offer a range of 1 day workshops aimed at supporting professionals to meet the needs of their clients without compromising their own energy and wellbeing.

This courses are suitable to staff who are working with young people and families or preparing to work with young people and families.

  • Education Staff
  • Support worker
  • Mental health support
  • Pastoral support
  • After school clubs
  • Sport clubs
  • Anyone who wants to improve the lives of young people.

Offering the opportunity to:

  • Examine challenges young people face
  • Explore solutions and ways to support young people and their mental health
  • Link resilience theory to practice.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the Theories linking to Young People and their development
  • To explore the Values and Beliefs underpinning work with young people and Impact these have Professional Relationships
  • Use Reflective Practice as a tool to improve and inform Professional Practice

Professional Practice: Supporting Parents & Building Resilience in Families

At Tracey Hicks Training Centre, we provide professional practice workshops to help build resilience in families and young people. Our courses are designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively support families in challenging situations, and to understand the complex issues they face.

1 Day Introduction Course-Level 1-introduction-for staff new to their role

3 Day Level 2 Course-More in-depth Discussion and Skills Practice -for staff with experience who want to explore and understand evidence based practice to inform their work
5 Day -Level 3- Requires assessment tasks to be completed to evidence learning-full tutor support and tutorial time available
5 Day – Level 4-Advanced Practitioner-Requires assessment and in -work observation

Professional Practice-Building Resilience Supporting Families and Young People

1 Day Workshops & Longer Courses- our most asked for in-house workshop!

The course support’s the development of positive relationships between professionals and families. Increasing the understanding of behaviours indicative of trauma and the complexities of life for families living in the modern word.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop your understanding of trauma and complex lives
  • Understand the impact of trauma on parents and their children
  • Recognise the impact mental health has on the lives of families
  • Understand the barriers families can face when asking for help or working with professionals
  • Identify tools for working effectively with families
  • Learn how to embed theoretical models, skills, and strategies into your practice with parents and young people

Who is this course for?

  • Teaching and School staff
  • Residential workers
  • Housing Officers
  • Foster Carers
  • Youth Service Workers
  • Police Officers
  • Social Workers
  • Anyone involved in supporting young people

Course Investment:

Discounts between are available for group bookings – please send us an enquiry and a member of our team will be in touch.
Course Objectives

  • Exploring some of the Evidence Based Practice in work with Families
  • Identify areas of good practice in work with parents and identify where you can improve and inform your work
  • Develop solution focus and strength based practice to support building resilience in families

Let’s Talk – Time for You

Join us at Tracey Hicks Training Centre for an opportunity to explore Mental Health and Wellbeing, sessions are designed to help you gain a better understanding of the challenges in your family life or your professional practice supporting young people, parents and families.
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We are an experienced team from a range of different backgrounds-our time is your time for confidential support.

Training Workshops –
East Anglia

Tracey Hicks Training Centre provides a range of workshops tailored to the needs of clients and professionals in East Anglia. These include Nutrition and Mental Health, Team Leader-Effective Communication, Safeguarding Leads-Communication workshop, Study Skills, Trauma Informed Support, and Therapeutic Play with Children, Hoarding and Self Neglect. Get in touch to find out more about our upcoming workshops and how we can help you or your organisation.

  • Nutrition and Mental Health
  • Team Leader-Effective Communication and supervision
  • Study Skills- Understanding how different learning styles impact on learning and engagement
  • Safe Working Practice-responding to Safeguarding Concerns for adults and children
  • Trauma Informed Support
  • Therapeutic Play with Children
  • Therapeutic Support for Adults, Young People and Teenagers
  • Living in Step-a 5 sessions lasting 3 hrs   for couples living in a stepfamily
  • Supporting Parent of Children who are Harming Themselves
  • Supporting adults who have experienced abuse and sexual trauma

Email and ask for a call back to discuss any of these courses and workshops and your organisations or Individual needs.


  • Trauma Informed Support
  • Teenage Concerns
  • Nutrition and Mental Health
  • The amazing Teenage Brain
  • If you can’t see what you are looking for, contact Tracey to arrange training to meet your needs.
  • Group work skills-communication and more!!
  • Self care for professionals – avoiding burnout
  • Understanding teenagers-strategies to listen and support
  • Supporting Families-meeting parent and children’s needs  
  • Supporting parents of children who are harming themselves

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